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About Us

This is always a hard one. About Us? Well about me, Derek LaFollette come up with this business back in 2006. I have strived for excellence in web hosting performance. Years have come and gone. Business up and down. I'm married to a wonderful wife and we have 2 amazing dogs, and life. This company is a blessing.

Yes this isn't my bio so let me just say this. I have kept clients for so many years. Why? Because I care. Because I always make sure to have the most up to date equipment for my clients. I listen. I don't run a huge business, I like it that way. I just want to host, don't need millions in the bank. If my clients are happy then so is the company. And whenever a problem may occur If I can't fix it, I have hundreds of techs that can, on call 24/7.

I do sleep yes. Can't be up 24/7 but I don't do a whole lot of it. I have a ticket system in my billing center. If you cannot reach me you can open a ticket and I will respond. The datacenter I go through is on call 24/7 and can fix any problem that may be out my reach. I pay the top dollar to get the top performance! Peace of mind, you get it!


This is a easy small answer. The Accomplishments we have achieved cannot be explained. Just to many. The big thing to know is we have strived all these years to make this a safe, peace of mind to build your online presence. Satisfaction always! Any screw ups are always fixed and then some.



Why lie? I (Derek LaFollette) have never been a fan of lies. When it comes to business and a client spending their hard earned money I take full pride in doing my best to help save money for all. We don't have hidden fees and everything you read on this site is all verified and proven fact. We offer refunds if you are not satisfied from a mistake we have caused. Guess what, I can't remember ever having anybody want their money back. No reason for it. Confidence not cockyness!



We feel that the service must be up and beyond the rest. Specially being a smaller business. So when we say something we stick to it. No loop holes no BS! This company will always abide by our word. No if ands or butts. We feel bad if you're having problems so even if its something we didn't cause we still will work with you on our own time to do our best and keep you with a smile!

  • 99% Uptime Garuntee
  • 99% Backups stored for your peace of mind.
  • Customer Support to the fullest. No task that cannot be handled. Hundreds of techs at my service to fix any issues that may happen.

Our Team

Derek LaFollette

Derek LaFollette is the sole owner and ceo of the company. He started the company back in 2006 and still running strong! Always making changes and tech work to keep up to date perfection! This company will be around untill I'm old and Grey!

Carly LaFollette
Customer Support

Carly LaFollette is great with customer support. She is slowley learning and moving her way up the chains to all the tech fun stuff. Watch out for her, she could just out do me (Derek) in the long hall. She is pure genius with that brain of hers!

Luna & Lady
Clean Up Crew

These furry creaturs are responsable for tearing up wires, being those annoying people that sit in a cubacle watching dumb videos on youtube all day without getting a single piece of work done. It's a Family thing, what can ya do?

Super Techs
Net Geeks

These Hundreds of techs will work around the clock for me to make sure my business stays intact with things out my reach. I can handle most but will always come across things I need help with. These guys are like the super heros of the internet!

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