Vegas developer selling $7.85M mansion for bitcoin –

A casino owner-turned-commercial developer is asking $7.85 million to sell a Las Vegas home, and he’s willing to accept the online currency bitcoin for the deal. Jack Sommer said he got the idea to seek bitcoin for his 25,000-square-foot (2,300-square meter) mansion from two of his sons, who’ve been involved in making and trading the currency. “The advantage is that we’re expanding our market and adding some notoriety,” Sommer said.

Paving the way for more efficient, video-rich internet –

No internet user can have failed to notice the explosion of online videos. And with video traffic already accounting for more than 90 percent of consumer content, the trend is set to continue. But the internet, and in particular mobile internet, was not designed with videos in mind and, as a consequence, its architecture is very inefficient when handling video traffic.

The internet of things: transforming enterprises from the inside out …

The internet of things is creating amazing opportunities for all types of businesses. Its “extreme connectivity” is paving the way for a new generation of commercial products and experiences that delight customers and drive significant revenue streams