16 Mar

Affiliate Marketing and How it Works

Have you ever heard about affiliates or affiliate marketing? My guess is you probably have and that’s why you’re here. Don’t worry if not, we’re here to help explain what it is and how you can start making money today.

So what exactly is affiliate marketing? Online shops all over the web (including Hosting The Universe) have tapped into this system offering affiliate programs to increase traffic and sales. We will focus with Amazon as they are a huge market. You can join their affiliate program and promote ANY product. Search for your niche and click promote and earn a percentage or fixed amount every time a sale is made and your link or banner was used to get there. This stays valid up to 90 days (stored cookies) from the click so even if they leave and come back a week later to purchase without your link or banner you’ll still earn.

Here is a example. The banner below is a Amazon Prime free 30 day trial offer. You can get this offer by simply clicking the banner below and Hosting The Universe will make a small commission for sending Amazon your business. Pretty simple, huh? And I mean, its Amazon Prime, which feels almost like a necessity to have in the day in age we live in.

With that said I’m confident this one single post will generate Hosting The Universe extra income that we can then put back in our business. Go ahead and treat yourself to a free 30 day trial of amazon prime so you at least walk out this article with something, right, since most fail at affiliate marketing, I’ll explain why later in this article.

Ok, so now that you understand the basics of Affiliate Marketing how can you put it to use, like we do to earn extra income for our business?

First you need a niche, find a field you’re good at, make sure its something you can write and talk about. The highest 3 categories that produce the most revenue are health, wealth, and relationships. So if you’re a health nut, you could start a website blog using our cloud web hosting service to talk and write about your health adventures and diet plans. You can copy and paste your affiliate banners between blog posts and all over your website. Promote what you’re already using day to day by searching for it on the amazon affiliate program, pick it, and place it on your website.

So above is a basic method to earn extra, passive or lucrative income from home. Or not home? Why is that such a highly searched term? I’d like to make money from the beach. Yep, that works. Anyways, you have the method but does it really work? Well, yes it works! Do you think Amazon can afford to be in the “We commit fraud” group? No, of course not.

The reason 9 out of 10 fail at affiliate marketing is simple, passion. If you don’t have the passion to do this, you will fail. If you don’t have a passion for things you’ll promote, you will fail. If you’ve already said to yourself this is probably a scam you’ve already failed before you started, sorry. If you do have the passion, you will earn. Its just a matter of when and how much. How much are you willing to do in order to get your web site articles visible and earning?

Lets run through this real quick one more time.

Step 1: Sign up for Amazon Affiliate Program
Step 2: Find your Niche
Step 3: Have us install your Blog Free
Step 4: Start writing articles with your Link Banners
Step 5: Watch your Growth and Success

Almost seems to good to be true? Not really because your time is money. It might take you 5 hours to write your first article, maybe days. The article may not even get read for months to come. It might just be a bad read. This can continue for some time until you start to watch trends and reactions from your articles. Learn whats working and whats not. Fix problems and get better with your writing. A year from now, a month from now, who knows what could come of this? I do, it’s called a job and a full time living from home. No wait, from the beach!

We hope you enjoyed this read and if you decide to jump in Affiliate Marketing you can always start with us here. Learn the ropes. When you’re ready we’ll be glad to help assist you further in setting up a website.