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29 Mar

Passive Income Promoting Amazon Products

In this article we’re going to share how to Earn Passive Income Promoting Amazon Products.

Okay folks here it is! We’ve now unlocked the doors to one of our passive income rooms. What’s passive income you ask? Well let me tell you, it’s a great thing! Passive income is money you earn when you’re probably not even thinking about it! I know a lot of us think about it very often though, I do! If you search online “how to make passive income” you’re going to get a sh*t storm of results, scary stuff! So that’s why we’re inviting you to read this article and learn how you can jump into making passive income without countless hours of reading material that could very well be false and fake information.

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A great way to earn passive income is by promoting Amazon products. You can earn a commission on every product a consumer buys when coming from your amazon affiliate website. Whenever a user visits your amazon affiliate website and looks through your products you have listed, then acting upon a product by clicking it amazon will add a cookie to the users browser. Now for the next 90 days (or until the user cleans out his/her cookies) if a consumer buys something on Amazon you’ll receive money for sending them there! That simple.

If it’s so easy then why isn’t everybody doing this? That’s a good question. First you need to build a special type of website so Amazon will pay you for promoting products. This type of website requires time and effort to properly build. It’s also still a fairly new way to earn passive income, as the internet hasn’t even been out a lifetime yet. The average person doesn’t know about this or thinks they cant do it. People are making sick figures by simply promoting amazon products. It’s time everyone cashes in on Amazons Trillion Dollar business!

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People are going to shop at Amazon regardless, simply show them the way and earn a commission. If you build it they will come!

At this state in the article you’re probably wondering how you’ll get traffic to your website. Well that’s where the fun and creativity comes in. You can use various methods all over the world-wide web. Social media for example, post your website where you have your products listed! Try YouTube, that’s a great free way to promote. Maybe you could review your products you offer on your website? The Internets big enough for everyone to find ways to promote your website. Put in the time and you’ll see results.

So you’ve got the basics now on being an Amazon Affiliate. You promote Amazon products and earn commission for sending traffic to amazon to purchase items. If you would like to do this and have your very own Amazon Affiliate Website completely built by us we’d love to do it for you! So go ahead and follow these steps below to get your own amazon affiliate website.

Okay so lets break it down real quick. Steps to being an amazon affiliate and promoting products on a website.

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  • 4. After you completed all the steps simply open a support ticket in the Support Center and send us 5 categories of your niche. We’ll add a couple of products to each category. If you have special requirements you can address those also in your ticket.
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    We look forward to working with you! And know we set up this whole thing with you in mind! You’re looking to make money not spend it. So save and earn with us today!

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