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WordPress Specialists

Our WordPress Done Right plan comes with a assigned WordPress Specialists. What this means is you’ll have your very own personal WordPress assistant at all times. They will help you with your online website in every level possible. Rest assure you’ll be in good hands! Need a email setup but would rather your technician do it for you? No problem! Need a contact form created? No problem! A page created? No problem! I think you’re catching on.

This service is designed to take away all the tech work needed to maintain a web site.

In a nutshell this plan is basically the same thing as if you hired a tech person to come in and work on your site as needed full time. Now when you do the math in the first few months alone you could end up saving thousands of dollars forĀ  all sorts of tech and web fees. Save the trouble and let us be your auto-pilot.

SEO Solved

We will add proper SEO to your web site and continue to update it and improve it using best practices. We improve CSS, images, speed, and your overall website performance. Our techniques allow us to audit your web site and create strategy we implement into your website. Similar services can go for thousands of dollars a month but here it’s automatically in your plan!

Every Update you ever have

We understand the bigger your web site the more constant updates you’ll always have. Some may need manually updated and some might auto update. Things like plugins and web site themes etc. All in all chances are you could have a lot of work just in updates maintaining a healthy web site. Well no worries our team and your dedicated WordPress Technician will always keep everything web related updated for you. Never again worry about a update and then troubleshooting problems after updates.

Extra WordPress Security

We know security and online safety so you don’t have to!

We will add extra layers of security and defense on your WordPress web site. We’ll perform routine checks and scans on your whole web site and create daily backups off-site for your data protection.

We also increase ddos protection to the max with our cloud enviornment. We will take care of all your backend security measures and technical stuff to ensure the best optimal secure website enviornment.

The world wide web is full of potential threats.Let us make sure they stay clear of you and your visitors!

Secure Email

We will maintain your email account setup and creation. Connect it with your WordPress web site and have them all work seamlessly together creating a great way for online communication. These emails will be by your choosing like: help@yourdomain.com etc. We will assist you setting these up on third party mail clients like on your computer or smart phone. All your mail will filter through mailchannel to make sure optimal performance and blacklisting gone forever!


We can’t wait to start working with you!